Change Our Money, Change Our World.

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Change Our Money, Change Our World.

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We are a nonpartisan network of individuals, chapters, and organizational members from all walks of life who are working together to achieve a just, transparent, and sustainable money system that is accountable to the people.


We work to build an inclusive, well-informed, and active national movement for monetary reform. We are rooted in local communities, active at the federal level as well in partnership with a steadily growing number of international organizations who recognize the importance of monetary reform. Our goal is to move our fellow citizens and elected representatives to understand the need for and the means to achieve sovereign money in the public interest, and then to work together to achieve it.


It is the greatest irony of our time that, in a world of unprecedented abundance and innovation, we find ourselves increasingly apprehensive and insecure, uncertain over the future of our jobs, families, health, and financial security. Will our planet continue to nurture and sustain us? Why are we seemingly unable to transform our world to benefit fully and fairly from the great advances we humans have achieved? The answer to the latter question, as you will see, turns out to be simple, so simple in fact that it is easily overlooked in our complex world: It is our dysfunctional money system.

It is the sole and vital job of money to be the link between what nature and society produce, and those who want and need those products. Since the inception of modern history, for various reasons, some historical, some foolish, and some sinister, we have methodically starved the economy of the money needed to maintain this vital link. Sadly, our system was contrived and manipulated so that money is created and distributed by and to those who have little interest in the well-being of society.

Stay tuned… The Alliance For Just Money website is coming here soon. It will shed light on our current money system and how we can supersede it with a public sovereign money system that serves the interests of all, now and for posterity. And for prosperity.

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