What is Just Money?

We all think we know money – but money is more than what’s in our wallets or bank accounts – it’s actually a money system with many variations throughout history. The system determines how money is created and fed into the economy. Our current money system is failing us. It is unfair, unjust, and dysfunction. Just Money reforms the money system to work for all of society.

Why we need Just Money

We live in a world of such unprecedented abundance and innovation, one wonders why we find ourselves so apprehensive and insecure. We worry about the future of our jobs, families, health, financial security, and the ability of our planet to nurture and sustain us.

We face

Inability to Pay for Society's Needs

High Levels of Debt

Inequality and Concentration of Wealth

An Unstable Economy

Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet

How can we benefit?

How can we benefit fully and fairly from the great advances we have achieved and solve the problems above? We can change our money system. Just Money will reduce the problems above and provide social & environmental, economic, and marketplace benefits.

Money between goods & services

Money is the link between the goods and services society produces and those who want and need them. For various reasons, some historical, some foolish, and some sinister, we have methodically starved large segments of the economy of the money needed to maintain this vital link. Our current system is structured so that profit for a few and continuous economic growth determine how money is created and distributed. We can change our money and change our world.

Who We Are?

We are a nonpartisan network of individuals, chapters, and organizational members from all walks of life who are working together to achieve a just, transparent, democratic, and sustainable money system that is accountable to the people.

What We Do?

We work to build an inclusive, well-informed, and active national movement for monetary reform. We are rooted in local communities, active at the federal level, and work in partnership with a steadily growing number of international organizations who recognize the importance of monetary reform. Our goal is to bring about an understanding of the need for and the means to return the sovereignty of money creation to the government in the public interest. We strive to educate our elected representatives and the public and then work together to achieve the change we all need.