AFJM Book Clubs 2020-2021

Five AFJM Book Clubs (BCs) are organizing for 2020-2021, and you are invited to join. Click here to sign up by Nov 8, 2020. Each BC will meet via Zoom about 4-6 times over 1-3 months and have an opportunity to present on its book at an AFJM Monetary Reform Coffee House (MRCH) sometime after its BC is over, if its members want to do so. Everyone is welcome, and you may participate in more than one BC if your schedule permits. Soon after November 8, each BC facilitator will contact those who signed up for that book, to schedule with them the club’s meeting dates and to assign pages for each session. 

Here are the books:

How We Pay for a Better World (2019) by Virginia Hammon & Mark Pash. This Book Club is good for newcomers to the money question AND for people who want to prepare to lead Book Clubs on this book with newcomers in your own communities. The book is available to read for free on the HWP website or can be purchased there for $14.95 (discount may be available).

Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and How We Can Break Free (2007; 5th ed. 2012) by Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D. From Jamie Walton’s review:  “Ellen Brown spins a captivating tale about our present money system, particularly for readers who were unaware that most of our money is created and controlled by the banking system, as a ‘debt.’ Indeed, the book’s main value has been as an introduction to some of the problems with the debt-based money system, and some of the potential of monetary reform.” This Book Club will be scheduled between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The book is available from Amazon for $25.

Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough (2012) by James Robertson. This book is inspirational because it presents money reform with the goal of making its urgency easily understood and appreciated by the public. While its British author does not address the significant efforts to change the money system in the US, the universality of his message that monetary reform is crucial for the future of society is profound. The book is especially useful to advocates who must deal with deep-seated public misconceptions and wrong-headed thinking about money and its purpose. It is deliberately free of statistics and jargon with the focus instead on concepts. The book is available as a free PDF on the author’s website  and from Amazon as Kindle book ($17) or paperback ($19).

US Money: What is it? Why we must change. How we Can (2018) by Virginia Hammon. This Book Club is both a comprehensive look at money and a leisurely ramble through the chapters with a bit of quilting on the side. This book can be purchased on the HWP website for $25 (discount may be available).

The End of Banking: Money, Credit, and the Digital Revolution (2014) by “Jonathan McMillan.” This Book Club is good for people already familiar with monetary critique and reform, but it is open to anyone who wants to read and discuss a serious and academic, yet accessible and incisive book. The book can be purchased from Amazon for $19. See the author’s website for more info and AFJM reviewer John Howell’s review of the book.

Please click here now (or before Nov 8) & take 5 minutes to sign up for the AFJM Book Clubs. Contact Lucille Eckrich at [email protected] with any questions about the books or BCs.

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