Just Money reform is the unifying narrative that crosses all boundaries; every group and every sector in society is affected by the money system. AFJM is a gathering place to develop our understanding and to promote possible changes necessary for a more equitable system. When individuals from different backgrounds and identities come together to work for a common purpose, it’s useful to make explicit community guidelines that reflect our shared values. 

Here are the Community Guidelines for all AFJM activities, including committee work, Groups.io discussions, Coffeehouse Forums, other AFJM events, and social media posts:

Guideline #1: Respect Differences

Be open to diverse perspectives and identities. Strive to understand the experiences and viewpoints of others. Take responsibility for the intent and impact of your words. Avoid personal attacks, harassment, and microaggressions, which are the opposite of respecting differences.

Guideline #2: Recognize Social and Power Dynamics

Think consciously of your social positions, allowing us to work across our gender, age, education, class, race, sexuality, political, language, religion, and other identities in ways that are supportive. Notice whose voices and perspectives are present and those that are absent. 

Guideline #3: Be Open to Discomfort and Learning

Acknowledge your values and visions, but be ready to have them challenged. Assume good intentions in others. Exercise respect and compassion in challenging others’ ideas. Agreeing to disagree is perfectly fine and encouraged.

Guideline #4a: Speak Thoughtfully

Be clear and concise, avoid acronyms, and clarify technical jargon. Be okay with silence – you don’t have to fill in every single moment with talking. Share the talking time; notice if anyone (including yourself) is dominating and gently redirect the conversation.

Guideline #4b: Writing Thoughtfully (Social media, website, and groupsio)

Be clear and concise, avoid acronyms, and clarify technical jargon. Notice if anyone (including yourself) is dominating the conversation and gently redirect the conversation to other people. Think twice before adding comments that change the topic.

Guideline #5a: Listen Attentively

Challenge yourself to listen more than you speak. Actively listen to understand before you respond. Be okay with silence – give other people time to think and respond. Share the talking time; invite others to share their thoughts.

Guideline #5b: Reading Attentively (Social media)

Challenge yourself to read more than you tweet, post, or email. Read for understanding before you respond.

Guideline #6: Respect Your Needs

AFJM runs on the energy of volunteers and staff in the community. Ask for help when you need it. Give what is healthy for you to give and protect your own mental and physical well-being. Be gentle with yourself and with others.