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Alliance For
Just Money

    The US Constitution gives the power to create money to the Congress, for reasons stated in the Preamble.

    The money creation power was purposely not given to a private, profit driven banking system such as we have today.

    New Threats to our habitat and our republic challenge us to bring the money system back under public control now.

How Banks Create Money

Contrary to what most people believe, money is created whenever someone (individual, business or government) borrows money from the banking system, and it circulates when they spend it into the economy.

The fact that we use numbers in bank accounts as money allows banks to do what is illegal for everyone else – they create money by making balance-sheet entries.

Borrowers’ signed loan contracts are assets for their banks – collectibles. Banks create equal liabilities, in the form of checking account entries – money payable to the borrowers, and presto, new money has been created!

Debt-based money is disastrous in so many ways. It . . .

  • systematically concentrates wealth and power to a tiny elite.
  • drives the ‘business cycle’ back and forth between unhealthy growth and painful crash.
  • depends on scarcity to function, forcing us all into miserly and selfish behaviors with each other 
  • acts as a force to centralize public systems worldwide for private purposes.
  • feeds on war and destruction to extend the private control of the world economy.

 Buried in Debt

As of October 2019, the combined government, household, and business debt in the U.S. the FED says is approximately $74.2 trillion.

To get an idea of how much money that is, consider stacks of $100 bills. A packet of one hundred $100 bills is about a half inch thick and worth $10,000. If we made a 74.2 trillion dollar stack of those packets, it would be nearly 59,000 miles high – enough to circle the earth 2.3 times.

Enslaved by Interest

Interest is being paid on all that debt all the time by everyday households, businesses and taxpayers. It’s been estimated that, on average, 45% of the price of all goods and services can be traced to interest. The vast majority of society is paying interest to the wealthy few. Time to change the money.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Alliance For Just Money is working to change the system so money can be created debt-free.

With debt-free public money feeding into the economy, it would finally be possible to start clearing that huge mountain of debt and get out from under the burden of constantly paying interest.

Publicly created and issued money is what funded the American Revolution, and it was publicly issued money that saved the nation during the Civil War. Publicly created money was again proposed in response to the crash of 1929 in the “Chicago plan“ developed by respected economists, which ideas made it into a bill presented to Congress in 1934.

Sadly, other influences prevailed and the legislation failed. Now it is time to win public control over our money system.


Achieving Just Money requires three reforms of our money and banking system to be implemented together.

1. Require Congress to a) exercise its Constitutional responsibility to be the sole creator of all U.S. money, issued debt-free, b) to establish a transparent and independent, public monetary authority to determine the amount of new money Congress should create to maintain purchasing power.

2. End the privilege of commercial banks to create and issue what we use as money.

3. Transfer ownership of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, and all remaining operations of the Federal Reserve System, to the U.S. Treasury.

Legislation is written already, introduced to Congress in 2011 as HR 2990. It creates a Public Money System in which anything physically possible, ecologically wise, and socially desirable is financially feasible.


Alliance For Just Money

is a non-partisan organization of people who share the common value of working together to achieve real monetary reform. We define real monetary reform as the development, implementation, and protection of a transparent, public, sovereign money system consistent with Article 1, Section 8, of the United States Constitution.

Get Involved. Together we can change our money system, and thereby change the world. We can forge a practical path toward the original intent of our Constitution as stated in the Preamble:

 “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Our democracy and our marketplace can thrive, and we can repair and maintain a healthy planet.

Memberships. Visit our website for membership information here. There are different types of memberships, and you can choose your level of involvement.

Donations. We are a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) tax-exempt organization. Your financial help will go toward sustained efforts to educate the public about the monetary system and our proposals to reform it.


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