September 2021. “Patriarchy and Capitalism”. (Recording & Study Stack)

August 2021. “Safe and Stable Banking: Lessons from U.S. History”. (Recording & Study Stack)

June 2021. “Debunking Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)”. (Recording & Study Stack)

May 2021. “Central Bank Digital Currency: Friend or Foe?”. (Recording & Study Stack)

April 2021. “The Political Economy of German Savings Banks”. (Recording & Study Stack)

March 2021. “The Next Money Crash”. (Recording & Study Stack)

March 2021. “Public Banking Successes in California and Grassroots Organizing”. (Recording & Study Stack)

February 2021. “A Global FED”. (Recording & PowerPoint & Study Stack)

January 2021. “Three Slideshows” (Recording & Study Stack)

December 2020. “Open Mic” (Recording & Study Stack)

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December 2019. Michael Hudson (Hosted by IMMR; co-sponsored by AFJM; TranscriptStudy Stack)

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