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Join us this summer to read and discuss McMillan’s 2024 book, Capitalism and the Market Economy: Bringing Back Together What Banking Pulls Apart. Order the book now at your preferred bookseller (Independents; Barnes & Noble; Amazon), start reading, and sign up for the Summer Reading Circle. The sessions will be Tuesday, July 30th, Wednesday, August 14th, and Wednesday, August 28th at 1-2:30PM ET / 12-1:30PM CT / 11AM-12:30PM MT / 10-11:30AM PT.
This reading circle is being led by the Swedish Positiva Pengar and co-sponsored by AFJM, IMMR, and other IMMR organizations. The first 40 minutes will be small group discussions in local languages, followed by a short break, and then 40 minutes of full group discussion in English.
AFJM is also offering an evening reading circle on those same dates at 7:30-9PM ET / 6:30-8PM CT / 5:30-7PM MT / 4:30-6PM PT. These reading circles will conclude with an international webinar with the author(s) on Wednesday, September 11th at 1-2:30PM ET / 12-1:30PM CT / 11AM-12:30PM MT / 10-11:30AM PT. Read about and register for the webinar.
Capitalism and the Market Economy (2024) identifies and critiques the systemic flaw in today’s market economy—namely, banking corporations’ legalized power to create money out of credit. The book provides a concrete action plan to create a more sustainable, democratic, and fair economic system. It is written by Jonathan McMillan, a pseudonym for a banker from a major international bank, and Jürg Müller, director of Avenir Suisse, the largest liberal think tank in Switzerland.
McMillan previously authored a book in 2014, The End of Banking: Money, Credit, and the Digital Revolution, on which AFJM held a book club in 2021. AFJM Board member John Howell wrote this book review of it. Though our proposals differ in a couple of minor ways, chapter 10 of McMillan’s 2014 book essentially calls for the same 100% public Just Money system that AFJM advocates for in our American Monetary Reform Act.
Those who have read McMillan’s 2024 sequel suggest it is consistent with their prior book. It continues their reasoning further, is easier to read, more pedagogical, and has a concrete transition plan. Let’s give it a read together to see for ourselves, and meet with fellow monetary reformers at home and abroad to discuss it!
Get your copy today, and sign up for the 1-2:30PM ET or the 7:30-9PM ET reading circle. Keep track of your questions for the special webinar with the author(s) as you read, reflect upon, and discuss the book. Note that reading circle participants will be given precedence during the Q&A period of the September 11th webinar. If you are unable to join us, a recording of the webinar with McMillan will be posted to AFJM’s YouTube channel by the end of September.


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