AFJM committees are open to all members. If you are interested in participating, please email

Executive Committee – Steve Norris, President; Bruce Rogers-Vaughn, Vice President; Joe Polito, Secretary; Lucille Eckrich, Treasurer
The Executive Committee leads and oversees the work of the Board and the Alliance in pursuance of its Mission and Purpose and in accord with its Guiding Principles.

Board Development Committee – Steve Norris, Chair
The Board Development Committee solicits and vets nominations for the Board, develops and secures Board approval of the procedure for elections, and carries out elections. It makes sure new Directors are oriented and mentored by existing Directors, and it communicates with the Board regarding potential Advisors.

Communications and Website Committee – Ryann Enger, Chair
The Communications and Website Committee develops and maintains the Alliance website, social media platforms, educational materials and public relations activities.

Finance and Fundraising Committee – Lucille Eckrich, Chair
The Finance and Fundraising Committee cares for the Alliance finances through collection of dues, grant writing, solicitation of donation, organizing fundraisers, and pursuit of other areas of financing for the Alliance. It secures audits as needed, produces the annual report with the Treasurer, and apprises the Board and membership of needs and opportunities to raise funds for the Alliance.

Legislative Action Committee – Tom Wilda, Chair
The Legislative Action Committee works to develop monetary reform legislation that transitions the US from our existing money and banking system to a transparent public sovereign money system, and to educate potential sponsors and co-sponsors.

Membership and Movement Committee – Greg Coleridge, Chair
The Membership and Movement Committee grows the individual membership and builds their leadership, relationships and membership infrastructure. It nurtures the formation of local, regional and state-wide Chapters of Alliance members, supports them, and helps to coordinate educational and movement building efforts. It maintains a liaison with level 1 and 2 organizational members to garner their official endorsement of, and active support for, Alliance research, education and policy on monetary reform.

Research and Policy Committee – Mike Holden, Chair
The Research and Policy Committee collects, conducts, publishes and otherwise provides the membership and the general public with research and resources on the need for and mechanics and policy implications of monetary reform.

Democratizar el Dinero (ad hoc) – Mary Sanderson, Chair
Democratizar el Dinero is a collaboration among Spanish speakers to bring to the Spanish speaking world our AFJM project: swap out the current, extractive money systems for sovereign, transparent money systems that support the common good.

Democratizar el Dinero es una colaboración para traer al mundo hispanoparlante nuestro proyecto AFJM: cambiar los actuales sistemas extractivos del dinero por sistemas monetarios soberanos y transparentes que apoyen al bien común.

Next Generation (ad hoc) – Ryann Enger and Fernanda Lugo, Co-Chairs
The Next Generation approaches the work of Monetary Reform and new economics with an intersectional lens, hoping to drive progress in economic, environmental, and social justice. They take a collaborative approach and have fun organizing!

Updated July 2024