By Harrison “Tesoura” Schultz. 

Our latest grassroots demonstration at the Federal Reserve Building of New York to raise awareness for how the NEED Act can fund a Green New Deal for the 99% on the nine-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a smashing success!

The turnout of veteran Occupiers who left Zuccotti park to learn about the Fed and the NEED Act, in front of the NY Fed itself at Louise Nevelson Plaza, with AJFM board member Sue Peters was much higher than was expected based on the RSVP count on the Facebook event page we created to promote the event!

Our @AllianceJust account on Twitter received some very enthusiastic new followers. Many occupiers were interested in learning more and no less than half a dozen have already joined our Alliance For Just Money Group on Facebook to learn more about monetary reform.

A participant in an Extinction Rebellion march that passed by us actually left the march to learn more about monetary reform with Sue Peters and OWS because he realized that our teach-in at the NY Fed was more important than the march he was on!

My ultimate goal is to inspire more and more of my fellow occupiers to use their grassroots direct action, street theater and social media skills to help me to gradually organize a new occupation, a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week monetary reform teach-in, and to lead a nation-wide call-a-thon of millions of phone calls to Congress with demands to pass the NEED Act into law, from the Federal Reserve Building of New York.

The action was perhaps even more important in terms of successfully introducing many key board members of the Alliance for Just Money to Twitter for the first time! We held a “Tweet-Up” on July 14 to break down the basics of Twitter in preparation for our demonstration. A special thank you to Paul Lebow and Govert Schüller for their perfect likes, replies and retweets of support during our most successful collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street community so far!

Harrison “Tesoura” Schultz, Ph.D., has joined AJFM specifically to spread monetary literacy with social media. Harrison began learning about social media science as an analyst at several advertising agencies in NYC before using his digital strategy skills to help initiate and promote Occupy Wall Street in 2011 where he began to learn about monetary reform. Harrison finished his dissertation in sociology on politically deviant behavior and structural change, using OWS as a case study to receive his Ph.D. from the New School. Please follow him on Twitter @HarrisonTesoura for details for his next demonstration at the Federal Reserve Building of NY on November 5th and please RSVP on Facebook

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