Together we can change our money system, and thereby change the world. We can forge a practical path toward what the framers of the U.S. constitution expressed in the preamble: “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Our democracy and our marketplace can thrive. We can all prosper and we can repair and maintain a healthy planet.



There are different types of memberships, and you can choose the level of involvement you’re ready for. Members can volunteer to help in different ways, and membership also includes admittance to our online “coffeehouses.” The coffeehouses are twice-monthly live online discussions focused on different aspects of monetary reform.


We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, which means your donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. Your financial help will go toward sustained efforts to educate the public about the monetary system and our proposals to reform it.


Talk to your friends. Start a conversation on social media and link back to our site — or start a study group or book group. If you’re involved in a community or activist group, consider how the monetary issue is relevant to your group’s goals. Just getting this issue on people’s radar can be a good first step.

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If you are interested in gathering friends and interested community members to learn about money, about Just Money, and about our monetary reform efforts, please contact us.