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By Mark Young.

IMMR continues to make progress toward achieving the goals set out in our last Annual Conference by our member organizations. Although slow, we have made steady gains in the following areas.
Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Status
One of the main goals established by our member organizations was to ensure that IMMR registers as an NPO. To that point, IMMR is well underway to gaining its non-profit status. The organizational bylaws have been approved and adopted by the Core Group. IMMR will be registered in Sweden as an NPO in January 2022. This status will allow IMMR to accept donations and member dues directly and become its own fiduciary agent. Currently, all IMMR funding passes through the Positive Money organization.
Member Organization Discussions with the Core Group
Over the past few months, the Core Group has begun monthly meetings with member organizations and emerging monetary groups. The groups discuss the status of their organizations, how IMMR might assist them in achieving their organizational goals, and answer any questions they may have regarding IMMR activities. The purpose of this effort is to build a closer alliance and relationship with member and emerging member organizations.
United Nations Human Rights Complaint
As reported earlier, IMMR established several working groups among members of the Core Group and volunteers from member nations. One established working group is the Human Rights Complaint group, created to investigate filing a formal complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council. Based on the United Nations Human Rights International Covenant for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), this working group argues that the nationally allowed existence of our current debt systems acts as a primary cause to the lack of implementation of the following Covenants in their entirety: Articles 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 13.
An initial inquiry was made with a human rights attorney to determine if a nation’s complaint against the ICESCR would be successful. The working group submitted to the attorney a paper by Edgar Wortman and a conceptual one-page explanatory paper connecting the monetary system to ICESCR. It was suggested that we need more supporting documentation to detail our concept and claim of correlation before proceeding.
With this, the IMMR needs your help in demonstrating how the current monetary system impedes the full implementation of the ICESCR. If you are interested in assisting with additional research or know of already completed research, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Young directly at
IMMR Annual Conference Planning
The Core Group is planning the next IMMR Annual Conference. It is anticipated the conference will be virtual and is planned for late March or early April. At the conference, member groups will be asked to ratify the IMMR bylaws as well as establish member dues. Please stay tuned for more information.

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Virginia H.
Virginia H.
1 year ago

It is exciting to hear that the IMMR is moving forward on all these fronts. Bravo!