Just Money Festival
and AFJM Annual Membership Meeting

July 23 – 24, 2021, on Zoom

The Just Money Festival was held Friday and Saturday, July 23-24.

We had storytelling, singing, and fellowship to feature our adventures promoting monetary reform.

Plus, we had three super cool learning events, which were all interactive:

  • Friday night the AFJM Youth Caucus presented the basics of monetary reform for newcomers. 
  • Saturday Katharina Serafimova keynoted the festival to help us reconnect nature, money, productivity, and community. 
  • Later Holly Walter Kerby and H. Adam Steinberg helped us use Storyform Science to make our monetary reform message personal, focused, and impactful.

We followed that with a session of concurrent breakout rooms, all of which applied what we learned to communicating with various audiences via different media modes. Saturday evening, we held a panel on movement building with groups internal and external to AFJM. We ended the Festival with AFJM’s singer-songwriter Howard Switzer and Tabitha Enriquez as MC’s of the Happy Hour.

The AFJM Annual Membership Meeting was held Saturday, before the festivities began. Results of the Board elections were announced: Mark Pash and Steve Norris were elected; Sue Peters was re-elected; and Greg Coleridge filled the remaining term of the late John Glazer. Officers and committee chairs gave highlights of AFJM’s third year and gave a word of inspiration as we begin our fourth year with the Just Money Festival.

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Festival Speakers

Schedule and Video Recordings



Featured Festival Speakers 

Katharina Serafimova is a social entrepreneur, weaver and facilitator. Katharina is passionate about co-creating solutions to reconnect nature, money and community. With many years of experience in international project development and management, having worked with consulting, sustainable finance and NGOs in the area of sustainable resources, agriculture and finance, Katharina believes in collaborative commons. Since 2014  she has been a lecturer at University of Zurich. And since 2017, Katharina co-creates the initiative Terra Sintropica and the local food networks in Mértola / Portugal, as well as the global initiative Food Networks.
Holly Walter Kerby is a chemist, playwright, educator, researcher and a longtime friend of AFJM founding member Lucille Eckrich.  She received the Community College Faculty Member of the year for the nation in 2012.  Her plays have been produced, published and podcast, and her research papers appear in numerous science education journals. Holly founded Storyform Science to teach science professionals and educators how to use elements and principles of story to communicate science concepts in ways that are engaging, understandable, and memorable.
H. Adam Steinberg is an Artist/Scientist at artforscience.com, Storyform Science, and the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery. He has been teaching scientists how to effectively communicate their research, and how to visualise their data for more than 25 years. He also spends considerable time mentoring and teaching K-12 students.

Schedule and Video Recordings

Friday July 23

Opening Remarks, Breakout Room Discussions, and Post-discussion.

Saturday July 24

Introduction and Keynote Speaker Katharina Serafimova

Storyform Science, Holly Kerby & Adam Steinberg

Social Media Breakout Room

Role Play to Politicians Breakout Room

General Writing (RPC) Breakout Room

Panel on JMR Movement Building with Groups External and Internal to AFJM

A) External: a) John Howell on League of Women Voters, b) Mary Sanderson on Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, c) Sue Peters on the Green Party US    

B) Internal: a) Mary Sanderson on Informal Spanish Speakers Network, b) Ryann Enger on ad hoc AFJM Youth Caucus

Happy Hour


We are a nonpartisan network of individuals, chapters, and organizational members from all walks of life who are working together to achieve a just, transparent, and sustainable money system that is accountable to the people.

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