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AFJM is organizing and mobilizing with others on Mayday for Money,” May 17-19, 2024 for Just Money reform facilitating sustainable production and just exchange of the goods and services we need to survive and flourish peacefully on planet Earth! 

As an Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) subscriber, you know the existing money system is unjust, unsustainable, and dysfunctional. AFJM studies and educates about the money system and Just Money reform, which passage of the American Monetary Reform Act would achieve. You may also know that AFJM is striving hard to build a diverse and growing movement for Just Money reform by endorsing and collaborating with other organizations that work on issues or goals that we too care about. This is part of why we are planning “Mayday for Money” in Chicago on May 17-19, to raise public awareness of the money issue and to build solidarity with community allies. We invite you to grow the coalition with us!

We encourage you, AFJM members and subscribers, to reach out to organizations you are already involved with to tell them about AFJM’s work and how it relates to their interests and concerns, which you also support. Invite them to subscribe to our mailing list, attend “Mayday for Money,” or get involved with AFJM. Download, print, and cut-up this MaydayForMoney 4in1 to distribute to others.

We urge ALL reading this to participate in the Poor People’s Campaign’sMass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ Statehouse Assemblies” on Saturday, March 2nd, at a state capital close to you! At least 31 states will have PPC Assemblies that day. Wear your AFJM attire and bring your flyers!

The Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) draws “on the transformational history of the first Reconstruction following the Civil War and the Second Reconstruction of the civil rights struggles of the 20th century” to work on what it calls “the Third Reconstruction.” They advocate for a “revival of our constitutional commitment to establish justice, provide for the general welfare, end decades of austerity, and recognize that policies that center the 140 million poor and low-income people in the country are also good economic policies that can heal and transform the nation.” We in AFJM share the goals of that revival.

Look at your calendar and sign up to organize a carload or more from your town to go to a statehouse PPC Assembly. Print out copies of the Mayday flyer, and distribute them to fellow participants and those on the sidelines. Strike up conversations, listen and learn, make new contacts, and share something about our money system and its reform. Through our support, we are hoping that PPC-Illinois will also choose to be a Mayday ally and mobilize its members to join us.

Let’s organize and mobilize in all ways possible to advance Just Money reform NOW! Join in the March 2nd Assembly at your Statehouse and at “Mayday for Money” in Chicago May 17-19.

Also, join our Frequently Asked Questions Working Party on Feb 26th, register in advance.  

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