Last Monday March 9, three directors of the Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) presented some of the basics of monetary reform on The Access Hour, the weekly free-form radio space at WORT fm. WORT Back Porch Radio has been South Central Wisconsin’s strong and beloved listener-sponsored station since 1975.

The goal of the show was to communicate two important points to progressive activists:

First, that our flawed, privately owned monetary system underlies and impedes all their efforts, and second, that replacing that system with a public, Just Money system can make the impossible possible. AFJM’s three participating directors themselves each came to monetary reform from a different backgrounds.

Sue Peters is at home in people’s theater, the NYC Labor Chorus, and the urban consumer side of a CSA. Working in IT at one of the big New York banks for 17 years is what provoked Sue’s passion to fix the monetary system.

Mary Sanderson sees money system change as a prerequisite for peace and a vibrant rural life. A retired postal worker and medical interpreter, Mary lives near where she grew up on a struggling Wisconsin farm.

Tennessee straw bale architect Howard Switzer has long focused on how people will live together and build ecologically on Earth. After making a presentation to the Green Party on money Stephen Zarlenga introduced him to his book on the history of money and power, The Lost Science of Money.

Addie Nichole performed Howard’s song, “A New Kind of Money,” for our intro.

Listen to the one hour recording here:

Please, send your comments, so we can do better next time. AFJM in Madison invites you to our LOST SCIENCE OF MONEY study group. Use the AFJM ‘contact us’ button to find us.

P.S.: Because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus the events mentioned in the program were cancelled. 

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