Fernanda Lugo is the social media associate for Alliance For Just Money. She previously volunteered with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, where she realized how the economic system can be utilized to incentivize or disincentivize certain behaviors, such as polluting. She recently graduated with a Master’s in biobehavioral health, a field at the intersection of health psychology, promotion, and policy- where other examples abound regarding pricing unhealthy things and assisting individuals to meet health goals. Her research at the intersection of sustainability and health led her to find that one of the missing links is simply the power to organize people with resources. She believes that the power of money can help us meet the goals of a just society, and now she advocates for monetary reform to reprioritize the wellbeing of the earth and human health.

If we can create systems that ‘internalize’ the externalities left out by the current capitalist model, we can retake control of our shared resources, clean water, clean atmosphere, and our shared humanity. People working in the fields, and front lines of land restoration and soil remediation can have access to liveable wages, healthcare, and people with disabilities can have dignified work. These goals seem most attainable after we have spread the message of “the money question” and all sectors of society feel more comfortable and knowledgeable speaking about the values in our society, thus her goal is to educate and spread the message!

Fernanda enjoys collaborating with grassroots organizations and lying in the grass to do yoga, as well as foraging for edible/medicinal plants- resources that could be plentiful and abundant in a people-centered world, rather than a profit-centered as it is.

Fernanda Lugo