Joe Polito is currently a volunteer with Kiwanis which supports food banks, food kitchens for the homeless, shelters, and many other organizations which alleviate needless social crises. He is also a volunteer with a federal electoral district association and a provincial electoral district association. Joe taught High School for 40 years (Literature, Economics, Law, Civics, and Computers). One of his professors was the remarkable Marshall McLuhan who liked to say, “We drive into the future looking through the rearview mirror” which is a bad thing, except if we are looking back at the Chicago Plan. Joe has a post-grad degree majoring in Economics, Finance, and Human Resources. In the 80’s Joe was a fan of COMER and its promotion of debt-free money for the public good. After the Great Recession, Joe took a deeper dive, and after Kumhof’s “The Chicago Plan Revisited“, he decided to be active in promoting that vision by joining advocacy groups like AMI and Progressive Money Canada, and by communicating with good politicians and journalists.

Joe Polito