Lucille Eckrich (Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo) was active in the American Monetary Institute since 2005. She is an Associate Professor Emeritus at Illinois State University, where she taught in the College of Education from 2001 till 2020. She studied economics and African studies in the late 1970s, and then worked in Botswana for three years after which she did anti-apartheid and urban education work in Chicago. She came to a critique of modern money through her 1998 dissertation on Value in Economics, Ethics, and Education. Her first publication on the topic was in 2004 entitled The Inefficiency of the “Cult of Efficiency”: Implications for Public Schooling and Education. In 2013 she co-authored Ivory Tower Graduates in the Red: The Role of Debt in Higher Education, and in 2017 she authored two chapters in a book she co-edited called The Neoliberal Agenda and the Student Debt Crisis in U.S. Higher Education. Those chapters and her 2013 article situate the student debt problem in the context of monetary critique and reform. Lucille is a founding member of AFJM, served on the Organizing Committee that led to its founding in July 2018, and has served as an officer ever since. She lives in central Illinois, is married to a cabinetmaker, and has three adult children, two grandchildren, and five siblings.

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Lucille Eckrich