Ryann Enger enjoys people and has a talent for bringing out the best in others. Ryann’s skill at networking and making all people feel included and welcome developed with their work as an active board member for PRIDE at Illinois State University, their alma mater; through working as a program manager for group homes for adults with disabilities in Chicago; and through active involvement with Black Lives Matter in Bloomington, Illinois. Ryann considers understanding all aspects of our identity and the implications these may have on our experiences to be critical groundwork on the path to a better world. 

Ryann, a life-long learner is particularly interested in the intersection of environmental issues, social justice, and the money system, and aspires to be an agent of change in their communities locally and beyond. Ryann is a queer, gender-fluid individual who uses they/them/theirs pronouns.

Through these advocacy experiences, it became clear that our money system is at the root of most of our pressing issues. Ryann found AFJM and became involved in various committees. Ryann is now Co-Managing Director for AFJM, and committed to advocate for Just Money and a better world for all.

Ryann Enger