Uli Kortsch is the Founder and CEO of the Monetary Institute, as well as the Founder and President of Global Partners Investments. Currently most of Uli’s time is spent on the Institute whose mission is to drive monetary and fiscal strategies to better serve and protect humanity. In 2013 he was asked to organize a conference on this topic at the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia, now published as a book, The Next Money Crash- And How to Avoid It. Uli was also asked to organize an in-depth conference in Switzerland towards changing the country’s constitution to a modified Chicago-Plan style. A follow-up conference was held in Athens, Greece, with the Governor of the Bank of Greece as host. Uli’s second book, The Next Money Crash- And a Reconstruction Blueprint, is now out giving practical steps for monetary reform. Uli Kortsch is also the chapter author of “Infrastructure Without Debt” in Ideas Towards a New International Financial Architecture? You can follow Uli Kortsch on his YouTube channel or his website, Real Money Economics.

Uli Kortsch