Virginia Hammon, (MS, Nova Southeastern U, 1995) is a lifetime optimist and educator. Virginia believes that when we have the right information, understanding, and decision-making skills, we make good decisions together. Dedicated to researching and understanding the foundations of our current political dysfunction, she arrived at an American Monetary Institute conference, and discovered a practical path to a better future and how we can pay for it. Now she is dedicated to teaching about our current money system and a better alternative. She brings a background as Montessori educator and community activist-mediator, careers as Head of a Teheran graphic design studio, Head of School, internet start-up CEO, and author. She wrote a book about how to understand our federal financial reports, On the Road to Great Democracy: Clear and Honest Financial Reports (2007), and US Money: What is it? Why We Must Change. How We Can (2018). She is working on a version of the US Money book, illustrated with quilts, and has had two featured artist exhibits at the Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland, Oregon, showing 40 of the Money Quilts.


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