By Mark Pash.

Stephen Zarlenga stated “Communicating Monetary Reform (MR) is the most difficult thing to do in Monetary Reform!” I agree. Stephen spent years working the Halls of Congress. He met with many Congressmen and their staff. He had only one success: US Representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich. Starting well before Stephen, I have contacted many Congressmen and candidates resulting in total failure. But, I am still trying and have an excellent candidate in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. If he wins in November we will have another Kucinich in Congress. Howard and others have managed to get MR on the platform of the Green Party. This is great but we have had no transferring over to the main parties. MR is the most important macroeconomic factor in a modern economy, by far! It is surprising to me that we have not received more attention from our leaders. Recently the MMT and the Public Banking movement have received far more attention than real MR.

Over the last 25 years, I have made contributions, gave out many books, and had many meetings and dinners with many representatives. One of the main problems is their lack of time to read. They are too busy fundraising. Hopefully Virginia’s new book and video will help. Another reason is the comprehension of the intangible concept of money is difficult to communicate. In my experience it takes time to read and research to get a handle on it. Also, the commercial banking industry gives hundreds of millions of campaign donations and to their lobbyists. It might take a clean money voting system before we can implement real monetary reform.

Therefore, I would do a couple things: first mail out Virginia’s book to has many Congressmen and their Staffers that you have contact with. Second, do not make any donation without requiring them to read about monetary form. For the leaders leaning left, I give them the AMI brochure and now Virginia’s book. For Republicans and people leaning right, I give them the AMI brochure and my book Creating a 21st Century Win-Win Economy, which is purely economics. For Academics and Professors I give them Huber’s book Sovereign Money.

Political contributions have to come from us as individuals not our nonprofit 501c3. We are currently starting an email network of monetary reformers willing to give some money to a candidate that promotes MR, like Dana Ferguson in Michigan’s 1st. This will start after their primary. Individually we have very little power but as a group we should be able to influence more leaders. Also our marketing power is leveraged when these candidates promote MR on their sites and mailings etc.

You might have noticed that around the world, including the U.S., you see the electorate vote for the right, then the left and then the right and then back to the left. Why? Most voters vote their pocket book. None of the leaders are really not in charge of their economies; money is, even though the electorate thinks so.

Mark Pash is a Certified Financial Planner and a macroeconomic thinker. He created a non-profit, the Center for Progressive Economics, and wrote Creating a 21st Century Win-Win Economy: The Problems and the Solutions

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Govert Schuller
Govert Schuller
1 year ago

Great! A candidate who understands and incorporates real monetary reform.