In the struggle toward monetary justice, the central banking system’s owners are the real ‘rentiers of national money systems. They rent us our own money.

Central bankers’ issuance of all national monies combined with the ‘other’ banker-money power, what Minsky called the capital development of the national economy, manifest as the visible conditions of the world around us. Like George Carlin said, “It’s a BIG club, and you AIN’T in it.”

Under money reform, the government will reclaim the powers of both creating and issuing the national money, but the banks will still maintain, for the most part, their credit-controlled capital development of the economy by directing where the savings of people and businesses are invested. Money reform changes banking and finance, forever.

Banks will become the ‘borrower in the first place’ of all new money, joining the existing money supply in permanent circulation. That’s the win. Having permanently-circulating, debt-free ‘money’ to achieve our future economic potential. A JUST Money System.

After the Alliance’s American Monetary Reform Act is passed, the people will fully control every aspect of how the monetary system works by design.

American households and businesses will be the first ‘receivers’ of all new money spent into circulation. Their ‘savings’ will be lent and re-circulated in our national economy.

“Where” YOU put your money is the most important determinant of what happens with that money; both the money you spend and the money you save and invest. The banking sector over time will naturally redefine itself to satisfy the vision of its depositors and creditors. Or, they don’t get our ‘capital.’

The ‘depositor’s’ first-use then is its ‘first order’ contribution to determine the overall cost of money goods. The depositors, investors, and private banks become the financial-intermediators of the money cost of ALL exchanged wealth, goods, and services.

Savers with conscience can use their new power to challenge the traditional manipulations of finance-capitalism. The centuries-old central banking privilege will be replaced by sovereign, debt-free funding for the People’s clearly-stated, socio-economic priorities.

All public, private, and cooperative savings banks, each with their own lending policies, will use the people’s money for the mutual betterment of all the people who create the wealth, as Dr. Frederick Soddy suggests in The Role of Money.

Under a reformed monetary system, bankers and financiers are forced to compete for depositors ‘capital,’ which banks lend to “earn” their profit (they can’t just create it ‘from nothing’ anymore). The ability of the former rentiers to achieve any level of monopoly status will be extremely narrowed by their newly ‘money-savvy’ depositors. Publicly-issued “monetary-finance” rules the new day!

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