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With the help of allies and friends we made waves in Chicago on May 16- May 19!

Our organizers arrived Thursday, May 16 and we had a final practice for Fantopia and put together some of the posters we were to display and march with! It was the first time many of us activists from around the country were meeting in person, quite a different vibe than the zoom rooms!

An open letter signed by over a hundred people and organizations was delivered to the Chicago Federal Reserve, calling for the financial industry to end creating money out of thin air as debt. The privatized system of money creation must stop for us to be able to have a just means of exchange, a money which works for people and planet. Money creation and distribution should be a public function that promotes economic justice. The financial industry is one of the largest in terms of money invested in political campaign contributions and lobbying to maintain the status quo of war, “inflation” at home and corporate takeover (if not exploitation) of public resources. Read the letter and sign on today!

Outgrow the System” was also a top hit in our Mayday Schedule! This thought-provoking documentary and Q&A, highlighted the critical need for working towards the Just Transition on many fronts, including local currency, co-ops, regulatory reform, and monetary reform, if we are to live sustainably on this planet we all share! Our panel discussion presented the underlying connection of the Alliance For Just Money’s mission and the alignment with other necessary reforms like Move to Amend’s We the People Amendment (HJR 54). This amendment is vital for reclaiming democracy by ensuring that only people have constitutional rights, not corporations, and that money is not equivalent to speech. We were able to appreciate the collaborative art, finished the day prior! 

The Mayday for Money March and Rally took place on Saturday, with support from the Raging Grannies, Move to Amend, International Movement for Monetary Reform, American Monetary Institute, the Green Party Banking and Monetary Reform Committee, The Libertarian Party of Chicago, and An Economy of Our Own. Starting at the Calder Flamingo, we marched to the Federal Reserve, rallied, and leafleted to raise awareness of the proposed American Monetary Reform Act 2024 and the Just Money solution. We had a decent crowd join us for the march, carrying all kinds of signage from “Corporations are not people, end corporate rule”, to “end the debt money trap,” and many more! We thank our supporters who brought signs and screamed at the top of their lungs.

The atmosphere was electric, with musicians, chants, posters, collaborative art, and inspiring speakers. We connected the issue of monetary justice to many other struggles across America and the world, including racism, environmental destruction, sexism, militarism, and more. Together we hoped for the day when “Derivatives, Hedge Funds and credit default swaps” don’t rule the way we run our world, which is already in peril from overpassing 6 out of 9 planetary limits.

The same day after the rally we witnessed an amazing piece of amateur theatre, a staged reading of “Fantopia: A Parable About Money.” The story explores what community investment and inflation really mean. The performance and discussion captivated everyone, providing a fresh perspective on why reform is essential, especially if we want to have a real democracy where economists, journalists, and citizens can follow the truth without intimidation by Bankers.

Our Teach in on Sunday was the final event to learn more and decide on the “Next Steps for Monetary Reform.” We had historical presentations exploring alternative money systems to our current money created as a debt, and we explored exchange unlimited by the constraints of money, with a fresh take on a traditional Offers and Needs market. We had more songs and art and sorrowfully said goodbye to our new friends, knowing that we will once again chant “Just Money Now” together, in the near future.

With this collective action and mobilization it is evident to participants and members that we are on the brink of even greater change. But we can’t do it without you! Please send this story to your friends and family, and if you can, bring the stories of Just Money to the tables and streets near you! Subscribe to be in the loop on our coffeehouses, bookclubs, and collaborative art sessions!

PLEASE join us on Monday, June 24 at 5pm for a debrief and celebration of our debut on the national stage! Register in advance

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