I was fortunate to attend the member meeting of The International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) held in Madrid, March 29-31, 2019. Five of us shared an Airbnb a few short blocks from the meeting venue. We represented the US Alliance for Just Money (Sue Peters, Steven Walsh, and Virginia Hammon), the US American Monetary Institute (Jamie Walton), and Mihaly Hollos from Hungary.

We all arrived a few days early to enjoy Madrid – the incredible art museums, the Palace, the food, and each other’s company. We were blessed with flawless weather, making it a treat to walk and talk this great city.

Twenty eight countries are members of IMMR and most were represented by one or more people at the meeting. It was exciting to hear of the progress groups have made over the past year. Our national movement groups are at different stages of development –– from a few individuals meeting over coffee, to the sophisticated, staffed, and funded operations of Positive Money in the UK, Ons Geld in the Netherlands, Vollgeld Initiative in Switzerland, and Monetative in Germany. Our US representation is developing a strong new force. The American Monetary Institute, founded in 1996, is emerging from the deaths of two founders with a strengthened commitment to research, and the Alliance for Just Money is a brand new organization dedicated to making money system change. Join us!

Two key note speakers inspired new thinking and discussions. Former Governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, who is a strong supporter of monetary reform, presented the trials and troubles of central bankers and why monetary reform is to their advantage. Professor Joseph Huber, founder of Monetative in Berlin, and Professor emeritus of economic and environmental sociology at Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, presented a paper explaining how Modern Monetary Theory misunderstands money, and led a group discussion on ‘Negative Interest.’

The meeting was run as an ‘Open Space.’ Blocks of time were set aside for members to share valuable insights on various aspects of promoting change – building a movement, lobbying, clarifying concepts and learning how to present them to the public. On Sunday, the group reflected on leadership, and elected a new core group, that will include AFJM founding board VP Bo-Young Lim. The US Alliance For Just Money and Canada’s Comer are delighted to share Bo-Young’s organizational gifts, and are happy she will remain as a strong link to the international movement.

[Another more formal report on the meeting can be found here]

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